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Economic Growth is expected in India
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Economic Growth is expected in India

Judging by the latest data and current trends, India will soon become the world's fastest-growing economy, according to bankist.ru. This is evidenced by the indices in the stock markets of Bombay, Shanghai, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

Reformist Government of India, the positive demographic situation, restoration the authority of the Central Bank and a huge success in the form of lower oil prices - all of these factors can contribute to economic growth. India will have to make progress in four sectors at once: 1. work for all those millions who no longer wish to live outside the cities, 2. Reform of inefficient tax system, 3. infrastructure, 4. the budget deficit.

With the right approach, analysts promise growth of Indian economy not less than 8 % in one-two years.

In the budget deficit issue, in addition to the reforms, the decrease in the price of oil was also a great help. As for the working population, in this regard, India has no problems, unlike China and Japan which have aging population. And for infrastructure development, India is already looking for international investment, and allocates significant sums from the budget.


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