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Repairing and maintenance works at Embassy Residence,...
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No. Yer/Estt/872/1/2015
Embassy of India


Sub: Repairing and maintenance works at Embassy Residence, Yerevan

1. Background: This RFP is for repairing and maintenance at Embassy Residence (ER) at Aygedzor Street, 1st lane House No. 32, Yerevan.

2. Scope of work: The broad and indicative, but not exhaustive, spectrum of works expected to be provided by the companies are listed below:

(i). White wash of the outsider walls of the residence

(ii). Replacement of drainage pipes

3. Inviting bids from companies: In this context, the Embassy of India would like to invite offer(s) from reputed companies in Yerevan through Limited Tender in sealed cover. Offer should be in Armenian Dram (AMD only) and include all charges. Payment will be made through bank transfer only. No cash payment will be made. Company can send their representative to conduct the survey of the sites for measurement etc. on any of the working days of Embassy. Bidding should be in two parts.

Part I : Technical bid should consist of the details of services along with terms and conditions.

Part II: Financial bid should indicate item wise price for the items mentioned in the technical bid.

4. Contact Person: The advertisement shall be placed on the Central Public Procurement Portal, Mission’s website and quotations will be accepted till 15.10.2015. The quotations should be submitted to Mr. B.S.Nikhurpa, Attache (Admn.), Embassy of India, Yerevan at 50/2 Dzorapi Street, Yerevan (Armenia)-0019. He can be contacted at Tel: (374-10) 533928; 539173/4/5 Fax: (374-10) 533984 E-mail: administration@embassyofindia.am

5. Evaluation & Selection: It is proposed to open quotations on 16.10.2015. The quotation offering as per scope of work, good credentials and best prices would be selected for the award of the job. However, the final decision would remain with Embassy of India, Yerevan and we would owe no explanation to anyone about the selection process of the company for the job.

(Prashant Kumar Das)
Head of Chancery
Dated: 24.09.2015


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