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  1. Visa applicants should:

  • Fill up visa application form providing all the information required and submit the form online.
  • Take a printout of the submitted application form generated in PDF format.
  • Two passport size photographs showing full frontal fore-view of 5.1 x 5.1 cm size (2” x 2”)
  • Put signature at designated places on the form and
  • Deposit the form at the Embassy of India, Yerevan along with supporting documents and visa fee for issuance of visa.

2.There is no provision of online payment for deposition of fees. Visa fees are accepted in person at the Embassy of India, Yerevan in Armenian Dram (cash only). For details of Visa Fees for different categories; please refer to  Visa fees Schedule.

3. Once the visa is ready for collection, the applicant will be informed by either by e-mail or by phone.

4. While collecting the visa, the details should be thoroughly checked by applicant and in case of any discrepancy, it should be brought to the notice of the Visa Officer  immediately.

5. All nationals of the Republic of Armenia and Georgia are required to obtain visa from the Embassy of India, Yerevan, Armenia, for traveling to India,

6. Only Armenian nationals who are holding Diplomatic Passports are exempted from obtaining visa for visiting India.

7. For any clarification or further information, call on number 539173 /539174 /539175 or e-mail at  cons[dot]yerevan[at]mea[dot]gov[dot]in. or cons1[dot]yerevan@mea[dot]gov[dot]in

8. The Embassy of India, Yerevan, will not be responsible for any online transactions made with any other websites or agents for availing consular services.


(a) Duly completed application form.
(b) Original passport valid for at least six months.
(c) Two recent passport-size photographs.
(d) A copy of Passport.
(e) Additional documents where necessary.
(f) Applicants holding nationality other than Armenian/Georgian should fill out an additional form (Telefax for visa) and also submit Residence Permit/Registration issued by Armenian/Georgian Government.
(g) Pakistani and Bangladeshi nationals need to apply on special application forms.
(h) Visa application from the foreign spouse of an Indian national should be accompanied with a copy of the passport of the Indian spouse (first and the last laminated pages).
(i) Visa Fees (Visa fees Schedule).


Types of visa


Additional Documents


Tourist Visa (TV)

A Tourist Visa is given to those visiting India for purposes related to tourism, recreation, sight-seeing and to meet friends/relatives.

  • Confirmed copies of return air ticket bookings and hotel bookings.
  • Proof of financial status/latest bank statement for those who seek longer duration of visit in India.

Business Visa (BV)

A Business Visa is given to those foreign nationals/experts/specialists/trainees of multinational companies/corporate houses desirous to visit India for business purpose, recruitment of manpower, participate in exhibitions trade fairs and business fairs etc.

  • A letter from Armenian/Georgian company explaining the details of the company, nature of business with the Indian company and duration of business.
  • A letter of invitation from Indian Company (fax/e-mail) with the details of the company, nature of business dealing.
  • Copy of registration certificate of the Indian company under Companies Act.
  • In respect of foreigners holding positions like Directors/Managing Directors etc. in Indian companies, the copy of DIN number allotted by Indian authorities to be provided.

Student Visa (STV)

A Student Visa is given to students who intend to study in India.

  • Letter of admission from recognized school/college/ university/educational institution in India mentioning the details of the course and its duration.
  • Copy of respective educational institution’s recognition by competent Indian authority.
  • Proof of financial support.

Transit Visa (TRV)

A Transit Visa is issued only transiting through India en route to another country. Transit visas are valid for 15 days from the date of issue of the visa and must be obtained before departure. Transit Visa is valid for halts of up to 72 hours within 15 days from the date of issue.

  • Proof of confirmed tickets for onward travel outside India.
  • Valid visa for that country.
  • Seamen are granted Transit visa to join their vessels in India on their Seaman Book and they should carry a valid International passport with them.

Employment Visa (EV)

An Employment Visa is issued to foreigners seeking employment in India.

  • Copy of an employment contract signed by both parties indicating all terms and conditions of employment in India, duration of contract, salary, accommodation, medical, income tax liability, etc.
  • Copy of registration certificate of the Indian company.
  • Details of work experience/curriculum vitae.
  • Copy of Apostilled educational certificates.

Journalist Visa (JV)

A Journalist Visa is issued to journalists of Accredited Press Organization and Newspapers. Journalist Visa accompanied by all necessary documents should be submitted to the Mission at least six weeks before the scheduled departure.

  • Letter of employer stating purpose of visit.
  • Copy of journalist accreditation card or press Identity card.
  • For photographers / cameraman: List of equipment being carried.
  • For documentary / Film makers: Document mentioning the synopsis of the documentary, Crew List, Filming locations.

Note: Please contact the Embassy of India, Yerevan before application. Applicant whose profession is related to media (e.g journalists, cameraman, editor, advertising professionals) and going for tourism purpose is required to submit an undertaking (Annexure-I), copy of their media card and NOC from their sponsor.


Entry Visa (XV)

An Entry Visa is issued to OCI card holders’ spouse and children for visiting India. It is also issued for specific purposes which are not covered in any other category of visa.

  • For spouses of Indian or of Indian origin, legalized/Apostilled Marriage certificate is required for issue of Entry Visa (XV).
  • Family members of personholding Employment Visa have to submit documents establishing the employment of the spouse along with a copy of his/her Employment Visa.
  • Family members of person holding Business Visa have to submit documents establishing the business engagement of the spouse along with a copy of his/her Business Visa.

Conference Visa (CV)

A Conference Visa is generallyissued to attend conferences / workshops / seminars and participation in international sports events organized in India.

  • Copy of the confirmed return air tickets.
  • Invitation letter from the conference organizers in India.
  • Letter of introduction from the concerned Armenian/Georgian company or other institution with which the applicant is associated.
  • A copy of clearance from the competent authority in India, where applicable.

Medical Visa (MV)

A Medical Visa is granted to those who intend travelling to India for medical treatment.
 Visa for surrogacy arrangement:
Any person seeking a visa to visit India for purpose of entering into a surrogacy arrangement must ascertain beforehand whether the law of Armenia/Georgia permits surrogacy and will provide appropriate travel documents to the child for accompanying the surrogate parents. Entering into surrogacy arrangement under any other visa not sought for surrogacy is punishable under Indian Law. Those who are going for surrogacy should obtain Medical and Medical Attendant Visa as applicable.

  • Copy of the confirmed return air tickets.
  • Relevant letters signed and stamped from the hospital concerned in India along with copy of recognition certificate of the hospital.



Medical Attendant Visa (MXV)

             A Medical Attendant Visa is given to those who are accompanying a patient travelling to India for  medical treatment on a medical visa. This visa can be given to a close relative/family member or a friend of the patient.

  • Copy of the confirmed return air tickets.
  • Relevant letters of the patient from concerned hospital in India including the hospital’s recognition certificate copy.

Research Visa (RV)

             Research Visas are given to Research Scholars who wish to conduct their research work in India. Applicants are requested to obtain prior permission to conduct the research project in India from the concerned authorities as and where applicable. Applicants are requested to apply at least six weeks before their date of departure to India and visas will be valid for entry into India four weeks after issue. Validity of the visa would coincide with the research period.

  • Copy of the confirmed return air tickets.
  • Admission/Invitation in original along with a copy of concerned institute’s recognition (accreditation) certificate.
  • Letter of guarantee from the institution/university in Armenia/Georgia.
  • Latest bank statement; proof of financial support during the duration of stay in India.
  • Other relevant documents from the university/organization proving that necessary clearance has been obtained from the competent authority in India.

Visas for study of Yoga, Vedic culture, Indian system of music & dance etc.(STV)

This visa is issued to foreigners who intend to study yoga, vedic culture, Indian system of music & dance etc.

  • Copy of the confirmed return air tickets.
  • Admission letter from recognized institute, body etc.
  • Proof of financial support/latest bank statement.


While the requirements for obtaining visa have been detailed to the extent possible, the Visa Officer may ask for any additional information/document/requirement as the case may be prior to receiving the visa application for consideration. For further details, please see FAQs on visa matters.




Normally, Visas are issued within three working days to Armenian and Georgian nationals and within five working days for other nationals provided there are no complications. For visa cases requiring mandatory and specific clearances from India, it may take a longer period.


    1. For transfer of long-term visas issued by the Embassy from an expired passport to a new passport, an application has to be made by the applicant in the prescribed form available at https://indianvisaonline.gov.in/visa/index.html and deposit the application along with both  the expired and the new passport with a fee of AMD 5950/- (by cash)  at the Embassy of India, Yerevan.
    2. There is no provision for online payment and the Embassy of India in Yerevan, will not be responsible for any online transactions made in connection of deposition of fees in connection with availing of consular services.


    • Persons of Indian origin holding multiple entry X-visas for visiting India to meet relatives or for social purposes, are required to register with the FRO/FRRO within 14 days of first arrival in India only if they intend to stay continuously for more than six months.
    • This registration is required during the first visit after the visa is issued. Subsequent travels using the same visa do not require registration.
    • Children below the age of 16 years are exempt from this requirement.
    • All other visitors to India, including those of Indian origin, holding any other category of visa valid for more than six months should register with the FRO/FRRO within 14 days of arrival in India.